open seats

An "open seat" means that there is a workspace, such as a desk or a spot at a communal table, that is not reserved for a specific individual. It's available for anyone with a membership or on a drop-in basis to use for a particular period.

cabins with include manager cabins of 1+2

The "1" in "1+2" represents a larger, more spacious private office cabin designed for a higher-ranking individual, often a manager or team lead.

The "2" in "1+2" indicates that there are two smaller private office cabins attached or adjacent to the manager's cabin. These smaller cabins are intended for other team members or employees who work closely with the manager.

singles seater cabins

Single-seater cabins in a coworking space are private, enclosed workspaces designed for individual use. These cabins are typically small, self-contained units that offer a quiet and private environment for one person to work, similar to a traditional office cubicle or a small office room.

2 seater cabins

Workspace designed for two individuals to work together that offer a private and collaborative environment.

3 seater cabins

The term "3-seater" indicates that this cabin can accommodate up to three people. It's a convenient option for small teams or groups who want to work closely together.

6 seater cabins

In this concept, there is a designated area, where six individuals or a small team can work together comfortably. These cabins are designed to provide a bit more privacy and separation compared to open desk areas in a coworking space.

Virtual office ( business and GST registration)

Virtual Office services provide a business address and mail handling without the need for dedicated physical office space or the costs associated with full-time office rentals. Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it primarily serves paperwork needs.

Day pass availability

This refers to access and use of the facilities and amenities of a coworking space for a single day, without committing to a long-term membership or rental agreement.

Conference booking

where members and sometimes non-members can check the availability of conference rooms and book them for specific dates and times.